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Scrunchies of the Month

Scrunchies of the Month

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Scrunchie prints are exclusive for a year! Once a year is up, I have the right to resell that print. :) prints will be only be sold in mystery bins or other items such as shorts, blankets, tumblers, mouse pads, etc.

2 scrunchies are included in every subscription.

FREE shipping for these items. (If you add non subscription items to your cart, you will pay shipping just for those items)

You can purchase with anything! 

Your item is charged and shipped on the 1st of every month but your FIRST charge will be whatever date you initially purchase!

--For example, if you order March 15th you will receive those prints for March AND THEN be charged on April 1st for April's prints. All charges are made on the 1st of the month after the initial purchase!--

 Skip ANYtime by emailing us at

I cannot swap or sub any print for any other listing we have on our site.

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